What does the current fire danger mean?

The following are the DNR definitions of fire dangers: LOW-Fires will start from an open flame, spread slowly and in absence of wind tend to go out. This is the safest time to burn. MODERATE-Fire starts from a match or burning embers, spreads quickly in dry grass and/or leaves. Burn with extreme caution. HIGH-Dangerous conditions. Fires start readily from a match or sparks, spread quickly and rapidly. Difficult to control and burning is not recommended. VERY HIGH-Very dangerous conditions. Fires start easily; spread very rapidly, crown and spot. Very difficult to control and burning is not recommended. EXTREME-Explosive conditions. Fires start easily, burn fiercely and crown rapidly. Often very difficult to control and impossible to control during the day. Burning is not recommended. RED FLAG-No outdoor burning is allowed. Use of charcoal and gas grills is prohibited. Smoking outs is also prohibited. These notices are usually posted on entries to local businesses or on the DNR information boards.