Webb Lake Area First Responders & EMT’s


Webb Lake Area First Responders and EMT's Inc.

The Webb Lake Area First Responders and EMT's organization is a separate entity from, and is not financially supported by, North Memorial Ambulance Service.

The Webb Lake Area First Responders group operates under the medical direction of Dr. John Lyng, the medical director of North Memorial Ambulance Service, and the two organizations work closely together for their mutual benefit and the benefit of all patients.

The EMS First Responder volunteers provide 24/7 pre-hospital emergency medical services, no charge, responding directly from their homes. Members are nationally certified and licensed by the State of Wisconsin to provide basic life support and initial treatment for medical emergencies until the ambulance service arrives. It is a non-profit group, relying entirely on donations to purchase medical supplies and equipment and pay for training and operating expenses.

Donations to the organization can be sent to Mrie Bernatz, Treasurer, 1826 Kessler Road, Danbury, WI 54830.

If you are interested in becoming a Webb Lake Area Responder, please contact Chairman Lisa Carson at 715-416-0254; Treasurer Marie Bernatz at (612) 718-3006, or Secretary Dawn McConnell at (715) 635-7088. We'd like to have you join our team!