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About the Town


The Town of Jackson is located in the northeast corner of Burnett County at an elevation of 1007 feet above sea level.

Total area: 34.9 square miles

Total area of land: 29.1 square miles
Total area of water: 5.8 square miles

There are approximately 840 people living in the town.

15% 18-24 years of age
15% 25-44 years of age
 35% 45-64 years of age
30% 65+ years of age

Median age is 54 years.
Median income for a household is $35,119.
Median income for a family is $40,556.

The Township of Jackson was first established in 1903 and included what are now known as the Town of Jackson, the Town of Scott and the Town of Webb Lake.

The name Jackson was suggested by G.L. Miller who was an attorney from Prairie Du Chein who had invested heavily in property in the area. He personally petitioned the State Legislature to establish this new township in honor of Stonewall Jackson.

The Town of Jackson as we know it today was established in 1910 but officers of the newly formed township were not elected until 1911.

Voting was carried on in the school buildings until Jackson Town Hall was built in 1925.


Old Town Hall

Usually the town board meetings were held at the home of one of the officers.

In April 1967 the town bought Jackson School on County Road A from the Webster School District for $200.


Jackson School on County A

Monthly board meetings were held in the old school until the new town hall was built. The town borrowed $95,600 to do this. Today, the building houses the Town Hall and Fire Hall. In 2004 a 50-foot addition was added to house the Town Hall office.

In 1982 the old school was sold for $7000 and in 1981 the old town hall was sold for $501.