Tax Information

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Payment Information

  • Real property and personal property tax bills are mailed by the Town Treasurer in December.
  • Personal property taxes must be paid in full by January 31 to the Town treasurer, unless the installment option is indicated on your tax bill.

Please note: Our new Town Treasurer is:

Melanie Johnson
26064 Norman's Landing Road
Webster, WI 54893

If you choose to pay your real property taxes in two installments (tax bills over $100), the first installment is due to your local treasurer by January 31. The second installment is due to the Burnett County Treasurer by July 31. If either installment is late, the tax becomes delinquent and interest is charged and payments must be mailed to Burnett County Treasurer, 7410 County Rd. K #101, Siren, WI 54872.

If payments are not made by the deadlines, interest is charged on the entire unpaid balance at 1% per month retroactive from February 1 until paid.

Payments that are mailed, must be postmarked no later than the payment due date. Payments that are hand delivered must be to the proper treasurer by the due date.

All delinquent real property taxes must be paid to the Burnett County Treasurer.
Reminders for current year postponed taxes are mailed by the Burnett County Treasurer in June.
Delinquent tax billings are mailed by the Burnett County Treasurer in March, September, and November.

Contact Information

  • Office of the Burnett County Real Property Lister (715) 349-2551
  • Office of the Burnett County Register of Deeds [email protected], (715) 349-2183
  • Office of the Burnett County Treasurer [email protected], (715) 349-2187
  • Office of the Town of Jackson Treasurer [email protected], (715) 475-9656

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