Town of Jackson

Burnett County, Wisconsin

Notice 03-13-2024: Please check all departments for the lastest, up-to-date information.

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Welcome to the Town of Jackson!


We are again accepting brush at Town Hall. We will not accept leaves, pine needles or large stumps.

Greetings from Dianne Connor, Town Chairperson!

Whether you’re a weekend visitor or a lifelong resident, the Town of Jackson is simply a great place to stay a little bit longer. From the crystal clear waters of the many lakes in our town to acres and acres of lush green forests, we have something to offer everyone.

We hope that you enjoy our website. Hopefully you will find an abundance of information and statistics about us. There are pages with information on our highway department, fire department and cemetery. We have a directory of all Town  Board members including their addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Each month we will post our Town Board agendas and minutes from the meetings. Our Town ordinances, annual budget and election and tax information can also be found here. You will also be able to find links to many valuable websites.

The Town of Jackson  worked with Burnett County and has developed an in depth Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The Plan for the Town of Jackson is full of interesting and valuable information. Copies of our Plan are available at the Town Office.

Thank you for visiting our website!

Find the answers you need!

Can I use fireworks?
To possess or use restricted fireworks without a permit from the town chairperson or the local sheriff’s department is not permitted. These permits are only issued to groups or organizations and restrict fireworks use to a certain time and place. It is unlawful to sell restricted fireworks to someone who does not possess a valid permit. Restricted fireworks are defined as those that move, jump, explode or emit balls of fire and include bottle rockets, firecrackers, jumping jacks and roman candles. Restricted fireworks are much more likely to cause a forest fire or injury because of their erratic and unpredictable behavior.
What is the annual town meeting?
The annual town meeting provides a means for the town electors to exercise the statutory authority over governance of a town. This opportunity for electors to attend a meeting and propose and vote on legislation is a unique feature of town law, which distinguishes towns from cities or villages. Every town must hold an annual town meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of April, although the meeting may be set for a different date as long as the date is within 10 days after the 2nd Tuesday in April. Because there is no requirement that the subject matter be noticed, any elector may bring up an issue and make a motion, which must be seconded, for which the town meeting has statutory authority.
How can I get a copy of the tax list?
You can download it here for free or you can pick up a paper copy of the list at the Town office during office hours - the fee is $2.00 per copy. If you just want to browse the list, it is posted in the foyer at the Town office, which is accessible 24 hours a day.