Vote August 9

To voters in Burnett county Wisconsin: remember to read your instructions if you get an absentee ballot. Democrats and Republicans candidates are on the same two-sided piece of paper to vote upon. You can only vote for one party: either Democrat or Republican. You cannot vote for candidates of both parties. Don’t make mistakes or your ballot won’t count. I wish they would have provided two separate sheets of paper to vote on depending upon the party you choose or made the questions different colors to make it easier to notice. So do vote and do read carefully.
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County Road A from Kilkare Road to County Road H is now open for traffic.

Keep in mind that there is NO ATV/UTV traffic allowed on County Road A to Highway 35.

Midtown Dump-Midtown Road

Summer Hours beginning April 1

Tuesday and Wednesday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

2nd Saturday of the month 8 a.m. to noon

4th Saturday ( MAY, JUNE,JULY) 8 A.M. TO NOON

 Midtown Dump

Winter Hours beginning December 1-

Closed Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

OPEN Tuesday and Wednesday 8 am to 4 p.m. CLOSED FOR LUNCH 12>30 TO 1 P.M.

Can call for prices at 715-866-4835

Unwanted Items in Right of Way

We are asking the residents of the Town of Jackson and all others who have decided to put their discarded items on the roadside. There are approximately 5 different intersections where people are placing items they no longer want. The town will not pick up these items. If you need to dispose of items the dump in the Town of Scott does accept items for a small charge.
This is getting to be a real problem! So please dispose of your unwanted items the proper way.
Also, we know that memorials for people who have been killed in a car accident are being put up. These are not to be put in the right of way. While we understand your grief over the loss, any memorial placed in the right of way will be moved.
This is a hazard to the safety of the drivers, so please use some discretion when placing this memorials,
Thank you,
The Town Board of Jackson


The Town of Jackson DOES NOT HAVE a recycle program.

If you have items to that you want to get rid of, the TOWN OF SCOTT does have a town dump that anyone can use.

There will be a charge for most items. 

To find out the hours of operation call the Town of Scott at 715-635-2308.