Thank You!

Thank you to Chip and all our plow drivers for all that they do to keep our roads safe. You are the best!

ATV/UTV Information

The following is an explanation of the fall rules for ATV/UTV use in Burnett County: From September 16 through November 30 of each year, the Burnett County Forest woods trails and county forest roads are open for ATV/UTV use. What this means is that you can ride your registered ATV/UTV on any woods trail, snowmobile trail and ATV trail located on County Forest Lands as long as it is not bermed, gated or signed as closed and is at least eight feet wide. (A good rule of thumb is that if you can drive your truck down the trail, then you can take your ATV/UTV down it.) No off-trail use is allowed and operation on private lands is illegal unless you have permission from the private landowner.
Many townships allow the use of the town roads. Please contact individual townships for their rules and regulations if you have any questions. It is very important to note that all of these trails are currently multi-use trails. This means that any street legal, licensed vehicle can use these trails during this time, (cars and trucks for example). It’s also important to note that these trails are no longer being maintained during this time of year. For these reasons, we call the State-Funded Summer Use ATV Trail System closed, even though you can still ride the majority of these same trails because they are located on county forest lands and township roads that currently allow for the use of ATV/UTVs during this time of year. ATV/UTV use is NOT allowed on the Gandy Dancer Trail at this time of year, except north of Hwy 77 into Minnesota. No off-road motorcycles are allowed on our trails or on Burnett County Forest Lands at any time. Remember, it is your responsibility to know where you are and whose property you are on. If you are unsure of where Burnett County Forest Land is located, please refer to a Burnett County Plat Book, the county’s GIS website, or the Burnett County Summer ATV Map

Unwanted Items in Right of Way

We are asking the residents of the Town of Jackson and all others who have decided to put their discarded items on the roadside. There are approximately 5 different intersections where people are placing items they no longer want. The town will not pick up these items. If you need to dispose of items the dump in the Town of Scott does accept items for a small charge.
This is getting to be a real problem! So please dispose of your unwanted items the proper way.
Also, we know that memorials for people who have been killed in a car accident are being put up. These are not to be put in the right of way. While we understand your grief over the loss, any memorial placed in the right of way will be moved.
This is a hazard to the safety of the drivers, so please use some discretion when placing this memorials,
Thank you,
The Town Board of Jackson


The Town of Jackson DOES NOT HAVE a recycle program.

If you have items to that you want to get rid of, the TOWN OF SCOTT does have a town dump that anyone can use.

There will be a charge for most items. 

To find out the hours of operation call the Town of Scott at 715-635-2308.