2020 Census Informaion

The census operation of update/leave is the final effort to get the 2020 census questionnaire in every household in the United States. As a reminder, update/leave is when census workers update physical addresses and leave the census questionnaire at residences with PO boxes or on rural routes. Now that update/leave is underway, I want to talk about a commonly asked question about where people should count themselves.


Every residence receives a census questionnaire. People who have a second home/cabin/residence in Burnett County must respond for that residence as well as for their permanent home. If they use their vacation home less than 6 months out of the year, on the census form they note that no one is currently living there. This will prevent a census worker from having to come knock on their door in August.


The residence where people live and sleep the most is where they should count themselves. If people use two or more residences equally, they count themselves where they were living on April 1.


It has never been easier to complete the census. People may respond

  1. Online at 2020census.gov,
  2. By phone at (844) 330-2020, or
  3. By mailing in their paper form.


Please share this information with the people you represent on Facebook, your website, by email, by posting, or by whatever way works best for you. Encourage people to respond now!